I have to admit I detest technology and dealing with anything online is bad enough but Tax forms are my idea of hell. So after many weeks of worry, stress and sleepless nights caused by ‘Self Assessment and Tax Phobia’ my enquiries on HMRC led me to turn to Paul Lounds in Little Sutton for support and I can honestly say it was the BEST thing I ever did, how I wish I had gone to see him much sooner!!
Pauls team were really welcoming and friendly to me, understood my anxieties and booked me an appointment. When I met Paul he was so friendly, calm and TOTALLY supportive by going above and beyond my expectations of tax advice. He certainly is a very genuinely helpful person who clearly wants to do his best for his clients and get the best results for them.
I was extremely happy with the professional service I received and would highly recommend Lounds & Co to all businesses new or well established.
Many thanks once again to you Paul! 🙂