I cannot praise Paul Lounds and his team enough . Starting as I did last year from leaving the NHS after 20 years, and going it alone with my small company, Paul has been nothing more than marvelous in guiding me all the way through the maze of becoming a limited company and ALL the issues of taxation and corporation tax. He’s also been very forgiving on my lack of knowledge of the subjects at times, and explains in very simple terms how things should work.
I have to say, the first few months have been tricky getting to grips with what is required, as I work away with my work, but Paul is always there and communication is one of this company’s strong points. Its made my life considerably more stress free and allowed me to concentrate on getting work.
There is no doubt in my mind Paul and his team have made my life so much easier as a small developing and growing company.
They are only a call away – and if you need an accountant that talks common sense, then Paul Lounds is for you!